From 2006 to present Kinky Kong Productions – Co-Owner, Producer, Director

2018 „Awakening as Told by Roman Toi“ - Production Manager, 1st AD for staged historic scenes, Script consultant (Canadian-Estonian production), produced by Calipix Production

2017... „Niina“ - feature film (UK-Estonian-Latvian co-production) – Co-Screenwriter/Director (in script development phase, possible production planned for 2020)

2017... „Kata kannatused“ (ENG: Kata's Ordeals /working title) – TV series - Developer and Director

2017... „Pearls Die Slowly“ - Story Developer, planned director for a feature film / book adaption

2015/16 “HEART OF A WOLF” (Estonian title: Hundi süda sees), Director, Documentary, 57 min. Produced by Revolver Film

2014... “FAKING HIPSTER” (WT), Scriptwriter, Director, Feature length fiction film, in development. Produced by Exitfilm

2013... “LAND”, Screenwriter, Producer, Feature length documentary, in production, Produced by Kinky Kong Productions

2012 "KILLER”, Director, Documentary, 15 min, Produced by ARTE France, Avantis (Latvia), Alegria (France), Kinky Kong Productions (Estonia)

2010 “91 KILOMETERS”, Director, Documentary, 60 min. Produced by Traumfabrik

2010 “DREAM AGENCY (UNISTUSTE AGENTUUR)”, Director, TV series (drama/comedy). Produced by Teletalu

2010 “CLASS. LOST SOULS (KLASS. ELU PÄRAST)”, Director, TV drama series, episode 3, 60 min, Produced by ERR (Estonian National Broadcaster)

2009 “SMALL TOWN MEN”, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, fiction film (dark comedy), 20 min, (shared credit with Arian Levin), Produced by Kinky Kong Productions

2009 „WISH TREE (SOOVIDE PUU)“, Director, feature length fiction film (dark comedy), 85 min, Produced by Revolver Film, Premiered at the Festival des films du monde de Montréal in 2009 and won the Best Comedy Award at The Tiburon International Film Festival in California in 2009

2007 „FOX SEASON (REBASTE HOOAEG)“, Director, Producer (shared credit with Arian Levin), Documentary, 15 min, Produced by Kinky Kong Productions and BFM, Best Film Award BFM Film Festival 2008

2007 “ATOM IN ESTONIA”, Producer, Fiction film, 10 min, Directed by Asko Kase

2007 “KUKU 15”, Director, Documentary 60 min, Produced by Tootmisguru

2006 “THE ENTREPRENEUR”, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Fiction film, 5 min, Produced by Kinky Kong Productions, Best Film Award from Holy Cow Film Festival 2007

2006 “PIMP MY DATE”, “ESTONIAN MUSIC VIDEO CHART”. “LAS PIMP”, TV shows, 27 min each, Creator, Producer, Director, Made for Pimp TV

2005 “THE SECRET LIFE OF ARTHUR RANSOME”, Assistant Director, TV documentary, 60 min, Produced by BBC Scotland

2003 “TWO-TIMING (KAKSIKELU)”, 2nd AD, Fiction film, 25 min, Directed by Raimo Jõerand, Produced by Exitfilm

2003 “SO LONG, SUCKERS! (HÜVASTI IGAVESEKS, VÄRDJAD!)”, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter (shared credit with Kadriann Kibus), Fiction film, 18 min

2002 “THE BOSS”, Cinematographer, Art Director, 12 min, Directed by Kadriann Kibus

2001 “URBAN OBSESSIONS”, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter (shared credit with Kadriann Kibus), Experimental documentary, 7 min, Winner of Best Execution Award at the Tartu Student Film Festival