Heart of a Wolf has its international premiere at the Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy!

Very happy to screen my documentary Heart of a Wolf at one of the loveliest festivals in the world - the Helsinki International Film Festival Love and Anarchy (www.hiff.fi)!

I will be at the festival from September 15th to 18th, see you there!

Screening times:

7.09 at 21:15 in Kinopalatsi 10 (presented by me :)
20.09 at 12:15 in Kinopalatsi 10



Living in Amsterdam at the moment, but traveling around when need be. You can reach me at my Dutch number +31 6 82 461 725.


Finding Madness

Woohoo! The script, written by Jakob Graf and Liina Paakspuu, for feature length dark dramedy "Finding Madness" is ready! We're currently looking for a German co-producer as the majority of action takes place in Germany. Please contact via email to Liina@kinkykog.ee for further information regarding the project. Also looking forward to meetings during Berlinale 2016!


While investigating a series of inexplicable deaths connected to the book “The Catcher in the Rye”, freelance vlogger Lorelei encounters a mysterious Taoist sage and internalizes his practice of “finding madness” to unveil a worldwide conspiracy and understand true love.

"Heart of a Wolf" premiers in Estonia on October 29th!

Documentary "Heart of the Wolf" (Estonian title: Hundi süda sees) is ready and premiers in Estonia on October 29th, yeehaa!

It is a film about the nature of Nordic folk metal and features two bands - Metsatöll from Estonia and Finntroll from Finland.

It will run in Estonian cinemas from October 30th 2015 and screen internationally in 2016.

Check out more information on the film's Facebook page

#heartofawolf #hundisüdasees

Here's the trailer:


Tragicomedy "Nina" (previous working title: "Priscilla of the Baltics"), which tells a coming-of-age-story of a transgender performer, received development support from Latvian Culture Capital fund.

Story development for the experimental and dark comedy/thriller "The Duck Meme" is coming along nicely as a team effort with German writer Jakob Graf. We'll be on the lookout for German and possibly UK-based co-producers soon.

Script for the tragicomedy "Faking Hipster" is ready and looking for development funding.

*Feel free to hit me with questions or request a script/treatment!



Latest news

I will be in Berlinale from February 5th to 15th pitching my new film projects "The Duck Meme" (feature length dark comic docufiction),  "Priscilla of the Baltics" (feature length drama, transgender issues) and "Faking Hipster" (feature length drama/comedy).

For further information about the projects and for scheduling a meeting during Berlinale, please send an e-mail to: Liina@kinkykong.ee